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spookiepoopie's Journal

spoOkie poOpie
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spoOkie poOpie is a project that is based in Virginia and in Arizona.
It is a joint project between Pam[smashingpandora] and Lee Lee[pinkhidespider].
The two of them began this project in late April of 2003, and plan to continue the project for some time now.
Their website consists of a radio-show in progress, a comic strip, random rambling, and lots of other amusing things!

This community isn't necessarily supposed to be based around the website, however, anything that is related to the website will probably be posted in here so that anyone that is interested, can keep themselves informed just by checking out their livejournal friends pages :)

We support randomness, and other amusing crap.

Join, and... blather about whatever ^^

{Pam[smashingpandora] is the current moderator of this community}